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christopher annino

An award-winning filmmaker Christopher Annino, who suffers with Asperger’s Syndrome, anxiety and PTSD.  Despite these conditions, Chris overcame them and achieved his filmmaking aspirations. In addition to his filmmaking talents, Christopher is also a pro-wrestler, circus performer, musician and strongman competitor.

You can view some of his accomplishments here on the website on the portfolio page and also on the Killers Club Productions website.  Currently, we are creating portfolio content and trailers - soon to be posted.  Contact us now for more information!

angel orsini

Former ECW pro-wrestler, Angel is know for her hardhitting, hardcore style which she accredits to her years of martial arts studies.  Angel was a professional MMA fighter before she began pro-wrestling.  She wrestled her way through college and grad school at Rutgers University.  She is involved with animal rescue, project management  and life coaching.  It has been her dream to create films which demonstrate messages of friendship, understanding and unity.  She's grateful to work with Christopher, serve others and have opportunities to make the world a better place.